Miss Me?

I thought she was dead,

the girl I had been before,

the one with the brightest parts.

I thought he had killed her,

and so I had

buried the body myself,

with shaking hands

and a twisting knife in my gut.

But now he was gone,

and that girl had clawed her way out

of her shallow grave.

“I’m sorry,”

I whispered,

clutching her tight.

“Don’t be sorry”

she replied, with a tiny smile.

“But, did you miss me?”

This piece written by pairofdovespoetry is a rediscovery of oneself. This piece shows us that over time and because of the influence of people in our lives we might be lead to believe that parts of us no longer exist. That certain parts of us are in fact ‘dead’.
And over time we realise that in fact we are the ones who destroyed those parts.

We might then rediscover those parts at some time in our lives, parts that we thought were non existent.
The rediscovered parts might then ponder “Did you miss me?”

Would you like to rediscover any part of your self?

P.s: This is a unique take on a quote from Sherlock, which we really loved.

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