About Us

Ho Ho Ho! Welcome Aboard the Hogwarts Express en route Winden…

Yeah that’s right, with Knit a Tale you can have Santa, Wizards, Time Travellers, Chacha Chaudhary, Romeo, Tokyo, Rahul, Koya, Athena et al. all under one roof (umm Stark Tower).

Whats more you can even create your own characters and entirely new isles! With multiple authors the story can switch from horror to comedy, start on top of Mount Olympus and end up in Akbar’s court! The possibilities are endless.

Our aim at heart is to bring people together and connect while knitting a tale one stitch at a time.

P.S: Our list of references though appealing, is definitely not exhaustive. So, we invite you to help us have a peak into your minds and learn about your favourites through your tales.

What Is Knit A Tale?

Knit A Tale is essentially a platform that lets multiple people come together to create a tale. The unique contributions from diverse individuals can make the end result quite exciting.

The idea comes from a therapeutic tool of group story telling, wherein individuals in a group take turns shaping the story as they wish. However, in the present context we would like to try the same out on an online platform.

Benefits of Knitting a Tale

The benefits of writing are endless. It helps build imagination, express one’s thoughts and emotions, connect with oneself and the reader and the list goes on.

With this approach, the added benefits are that one builds upon a story hence the prompt or the plot gives one newer directions and the inspiration comes almost organically all whilst saving time!

With multiple people coming together to create a story one is exposed to a variety of perspectives and styles which never makes the process a bore. What’s more one can even make new friends, forge connections or just focus on ones craft, the choice is yours!

P.S: If while reading this the age old saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ is playing in the back of your mind, we say give the cooks a chance to brew something new!

How to Knit a Tale

On the Website

There are prompts and tales in the tab named KNIT HERE at the top of our website. You can add your own unique contribution to any of the existing tales. This can be anything from a sentence to 500 words.

If you wish to, you can even create a new tale all together. To do this, under each language there is an option to add a ‘topic’ here you can create a title and start knitting your own tale.

The tales have been sorted according to their language, so feel free to browse through the different tales and contribute to any of the tales.

Each topic listed under a specific language is an individual tale. Once you find a tale you like, read through what other members have written under it and you can add to it accordingly.

The maximum word limit of a story is 3000 words, so try to bring an end to the tale before that.

You can contribute multiple times to the same story but try to avoid doing so in succession, because we understand that you might have fallen in love with the characters you created and would like to help develop their arc a bit more. However avoid doing so in succession, because the idea of this venture is to bring in multiple perspectives and build an inclusive community of story tellers.

A number of languages are supported at the moment and we’re working on ways to add even more.

Members have full freedom to create the tale as they like but any entries which are inappropriate in terms of language, content or style which hurt the sentiments of any being will be deleted.

You can choose to add your name if you wish to or may remain anonymous.

The tales once completed will be posted on our website and snippets on social media platforms.

On Instagram/Facebook

To participate in this endeavour via Instagram/Facebook, knit a tale with your friends and family and post it using our exclusive hashtag #knitatale and tag us in the post to win a chance to be published on our pages!

Keep the tales limited to 500 words.

Things to keep in mind

Please stick to the general guidelines stated above in terms of word limit and number of submissions. Also kindly adhere to the specific guidelines within each tale.

Use of any content which hurts the sentiments of any being and explicit sexual content is strictly prohibited. Entries with said content will be deleted.

We request that everyone respect one another and if there are grievances of any kind, do reach out to us.

The stories on the website once completed will be posted on our blog and other social media platforms. If you wish to remain anonymous on those platforms do indicate it.

In the mean time here’s looking forward to some great tales!

-Team Knit A Tale

You can make anything by writing

– CS Lewis