Host A Workshop

Knit A Tale is a community and an effort to bring awareness to stories and the power they have over people. In our attempt to do so, we realized that this cannot remain just a two-person endeavor.

To reach more people, to promote awareness, we need to showcase different perspectives.

For that, we invite you to host workshops/sessions for our community.

This would be a way for us to not only give unique individuals a platform to reach people, but also a way for people to realise that there is no one way to do something. Everyone has their own method and their own inclinations to do things. Each one of these is valid and deserves support.

If you have an idea, the expertise and qualifications to execute that idea, do join come join us. We would be happy to give you a platform, help you market your idea and bring it out in such a way that we all can collectively benefit from this endeavour.