Team KAT believes in building skills and resources among people and then sharing them with the masses. Knowledge is meant to be shared, and not just kept with oneself. Resources are for us all, in every way.

These resources are here to help you. Whether they instigate the creativity within you or helped you learn about something new, whether they help with self improvement or even gave you a laugh, no matter what purpose it serves, we hope it is of use to you in some way.

As part of this we have a newsletter called Katalyst. It is a way for us to dive deep into different topics, take in various perspectives and share them with everyone.

The other resource focuses on mental health. As it is the need of the hour, we have a lot of learning, relearning and unlearning to do in this area. These resources are verified and compiled to the best of our knowledge. We hope they can give you some solace in these trying times.