Let’s Knit A Tale Together!

Knit A Tale is an endeavor to bring people together and help them connect via stories. It is a unique approach to story writing, wherein multiple individuals come together to create a story, which we call – knitting a tale.

People are longing for human connection and while the internet offers various modalities and platforms, we aim to bring back the oldest and the most natural instinct to humans, which is storytelling.

Furthermore, this platform aims to bring together people from diverse backgrounds who can create something truly beautiful together demonstrating that though we may be different, it is possible to unite us for a common goal.

Neha and Arva- Knit A Tale

As mental health professionals ourselves, we believe that mental health is not just a fad, we believe it is an essential part of our journey as humans. By coming together, by contributing creatively, by being a part of some great events, and by making genuine connections to others we can all grow together and be the authors of our own stories. We have specific initiatives that focus on mental health as well.

So, join us in knitting some unique tales and spreading some love and light.

A few words from our KATFAM

“Don’t forget –
No one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.”

― Charles de Lint, The Blue Girl