Counselling Sessions

The team behind Knit A Tale (Arva Dilawar and Neha Murali) are qualified, mental health professionals. While we do run Knit A Tale as well, our education and background is primarily in all things mental health.

Both of us were trained at Tata Institute of Social Sciences at their Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental health. We are practicing Counselling Psychologists who work with individuals and groups to promote mental health awareness and help people take steps for themselves on their journey.

Arva Dilawar

MA in Applied Psychology with Specialisation in Counselling Psychology- TISS (BALM)

I believe in the idea of holistic wellbeing and try to provide the same to my clients through various therapeutic approaches. I have worked extensively with children with developmental delays, their parents, and individuals with various mental health challenges like anxiety, stress, adjustment difficulties and relationship concerns.

Seeking a little help is not a sign of weakness rather it shows that you are determined to work through it. My role here is to mainly equip you with the skills that can help you on your journey towards mental wellbeing.

Neha Murali

MA in Applied Psychology with Specialisation in Counselling Psychology- TISS (BALM)

Through my education and training I have worked with people from varied backgrounds like women who are survivors of domestic violence and acid attacks, women with severe mental health issues, children with developmental delays like autism as well as with children from vulnerable communities. I also have experience working with adolescents and early adults with adjustment difficulties, stress management etc. I work with clients with emphasis on their well being through different approaches.

Admitting one needs help with their mental health is a courageous step to take and the process does not have to be scary, it can be a beautiful thing.

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