Our Story

Team Knit A Tale is a duo of Mental Health professionals who love all things creative. We love reading writing and can’t get enough of stories. We chanced upon this idea and saw it as a way of connecting people through stories in our increasingly disconnected world.

We have had a crazy journey with this initiative so far and are excited about all the possibilities we see for it. Trust us, there are a LOT of possibilities! As mental health professionals we have a very unique way of looking at the world, and this initiative has helped us see what really matters to us, connecting to people and our stories. The stories created are as beautiful if not more than the people who create them.

We see Knit A Tale as a way of combining mental well being and stories, two things we love.

This community and this idea have helped us in our own unique way and are hoping to keep it going with your help.

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Hope to see you aboard this journey!

– Arva and Neha (Team Knit A Tale)

Reach us at: teamkat@knitatale.com

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