P.D.A (Public Display Of Affection) Tales

Valentine’s day is the time for flowers, chocolates, Teddy bears and hearts everywhere.. St. Valentine is the guest of honour/
Knit A Tale had a unique way to capture what Valentine’s day was really all about, love. And more importantly romance!
For this we invited our community to PDA (Public Display of Affection)- Not like THAT! Since this is a ‘public’ forum and we were ‘displaying’ our stories we thought the title/pun seemed APPROPRIATE. So go ahead grab a bucket of ice cream, dim the lights, cosy up in a blanket and delve into these beautiful love stories.

  • Redemption
    Author: Maniksha (@_poetism) ACT I THE FIRST MEETING It was a lovely day to be outside. The sun was penetrating the thick fog that had covered the city of Pangon for the first time in months. Jiro stood in his garden, taking in the greenery around his home. It was a lovely day to be … Read more
  • Our Two Cents On Valentine’s Day
    Today is February 14th, so naturally, you must have heard all about love from Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, Random Uncle/Aunty on the street, Zuckerberg Anna, and many more. So we decided to jump on the bandwagon too and here’s presenting Knit A Tale’s take on the same. Welcome to our TED talk on LOVE Love in … Read more
  • PDA Series: Evermore
    Knit by: Samadrita Ghosh & Soham Dighe                                                “How can you not like Boyle? He’s like the cutest!” “Really?! Oh really? He’s stupid, Kalpana and…childish! Ugh! Jake always has to save his ass.” … Read more
  • PDA Series: I’m in Love with the Shape of You
    By: Prose Potato It was the ketchup to my fries, the humble tomato, a round plump red ball of seeds and flesh that took my heart away, and most of them like us as a couple as well, apparently, we complement each other when consumed as a whole. But sadly, we were not meant to … Read more