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      The Excited Goldfish

      Feel free to create the tale as you like but any entries which are inappropriate in terms of language, content or style which hurt the sentiments of any being or are of contain explicit sexual content will be deleted.

      Keep your contribution limited to 500 words. Maximum length of a tale is 3000 words.

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      Hi I’m Goldfish. Well my real name is Anna but I’m known as Goldfish, mainly just cause I’ve colored my hair golden with hints of orange, I always take selfies with that fishpout face…and I am superfond of fishes and all sorts of aquatic life…to the point where I have taken a marine biology course in college.

      Life is good.

      I live near the coast and go to the beach a lot. Surfing….love surfing. Also love exploring.

      My boyfriend’s an environmentalist. We both love nature, protecting it, studying it and ofcourse holding protest when those evil industries decide to destroy it. We make a good team.

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