Social media has been a boon for us as we came to with the idea of Knit A Tale. Through this journey, we have come to realize the true power that an idea can have and more importantly the important role that the audience plays as well.

Across our social media platforms and our website, we have been able to cultivate a significant community of creative people who love stories. So if you would like to market a product/service, this is the place for you. As lovers of stories, share your story with us and we can get your story to the masses, from there we can collaboratively find you the audience you need.

If you do choose to collaborate with us, we can have an open discussion and go ahead in a way that works for both of us.

For product promotion, there are different packages available based on what kind of promotion you would like. (Prices will vary accordingly)

  • Social Media Promotion- Through posts, stories, reels, live interviews, etc we would give you/your products the audience you are looking for.
  • KAT Reviews- For products, we can give you a detailed review and use that to promote your products and services. Giveaways are possible ventures as well. These reviews would go up on our website and snippets on our social media platforms.
  • Live Events- Our specialty is hosting live events with our audience on Zoom. You will be free to curate the event in whichever way you would like, we can assist you as well. We will design the creatives, manage ticketing, registration, and marketing promotions of the event. 

We are open to you pitching your ideas and we can come up with a collaboration that would work for everyone. 

In order to promote a product, we would prefer to have a look at it ourselves before moving forward. This is to make sure that the product/content we are endorsing goes along with our beliefs and does not hurt the sentiments of any being.

So do let us know what you would be interested in or if you have any queries or clarifications. We would love to collaborate with you!

You can fill the form below to get in touch with us.