March 2021

Happy Women’s Day

First of all, we’d like to wish you a very Happy Women’s Day! This year we thought we’d delve in deeper to understand the meaning of the term ‘woman’ and all that it encompasses in order to establish what we are really celebrating. What is a woman? Who is a woman, What makes someone a […]

Our Two Cents On Valentine’s Day

Today is February 14th, so naturally, you must have heard all about love from Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, Random Uncle/Aunty on the street, Zuckerberg Anna, and many more. So we decided to jump on the bandwagon too and here’s presenting Knit A Tale’s take on the same. Welcome to our TED talk on LOVE Love in

An Ode To Her Love

By: Shivani Maniyar Dedicated to her Mum I believe angels do exists, In the form of ray of sunshine that never fails to reach the seeds and growing plants. In the form of stars who always shine behind the blurry clouds. Always a queen without the crown. An angel without the wings. A single word

An Ode To Her Existence

By: Vaibhav Sharma Artwork by: Marty Bulkova Imagining life without a woman is quite hard-hitting. The fact that each one of us is born from the womb of a girl and it’s a girl from whom those great folks have taken their initial teachings.The reach of her arms will give succor to several directly and

An Ode to Her Uniqueness

By: Saloni T Hey!How is that warm heart of yours doing? I know you get tired of waiting for someone to take care of you while you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.You are smart, beautiful, one in a billion kind, unconditionally loving, never stopping. human. I am surprised how you can

An Ode To Her Courage

By: Minu Jaiswal Hi, Girls To all the females who have survived till today… I’ll speak a little deep today. Consider it all as a healthy vent out.. I’ve been known to be a strong female And I am saying this because I maybe actually am So remain fearless the way you are, Don’t fear

An Ode To The Women In Our Lives

By: Latty Dear powerful women in my life,  My mom, we may not see eye to eye at times but I wanna let you know you’re amazing. Raising all of us basically on your own is more than a task and I know we’ve never made it easy for you either but we appreciate all

An Ode To Her Many Roles

By: Jenny K She’s a mother, Powerful and strong,  Upskilling her kids,  To stop and oppose the wrong. She’s a daughter,  Bleeding young,  Fighting every lustful eye,  And raising the unsung. She’s a wife, Handling the situations,  She can cook, work, pamper,  And still take sturdy decisons. She’s a businesswomen,  Challenging all the odds,  Hunting beyond

An Ode To Her Perfectly Imperfect Soul

By: Sai Dedicated to: @vikicasworld@poetrynewt22@winesofautumn@sorta.poet  @rightsofnation @nathalienadinewrites A woman’s body is a temple,  supposed to be worshipped.  Her heart is made of gold,  meant to be treasured.  Her love is like a diamond,  precious and shines.  Personality like a queen, as she speaks up her mind. She can give you the world all she needs is

An Ode To Her Growth

By: Serwat Faisal For centuries she  Was quiet Deprived  Of her simple rights  A new world evolved  She learnt to dig  Her way  Towards new light Everyday  She learnt  The secret recipe  That lead towards  Independence  She became a  A model of success  She proved  She can be everything