‘Let’s KATch Up’ is based on an idea from @sam_artiste_20_01 where two people knit a tale together by writing letters to each other. The letters tell their story.
The writers take on the character of a woman and write from her perspective. Both characters will be conversing with one another. They could be from any time or place, they could be of any ethnicity or race, let the letters connect them.

My Haven

By: Maniksha (@poetism) and Talia (@taliavanderwrites) To my dearest love: I hope when the sun shines, you recognize its warmth. I want you to see hope, and feel it flowing into your body like the most beautiful storm. I want you to remember, even without being in my arms, you are safely loved. Love is […]

My True North

By Serwat Faisal (@serwat_writes) & Jack Burrus Goodson (@77jbgoodson) My Dearest Dear of Oceans-Never-Crossed,  He’s leaving me. His overgrown, untrimmed ego has grown weary of my tongue. Viper-like is how he is inclined to describe it. The constant insistence that I follow his lead, his step, his orders. Any deviance, any defiance: he calls me

A Furend In Need

By Ruth the Human and Potato Dear Ruth, Long time no see huh, ever since that woman you call Pinky took you to her home, you have forgotten about me. I have been waiting for a long time for you to tell me how everything was on your end, even I have a lot of

Rekindling Hope

By Priya Baid (@ehsaasonkealfaaz) and @lovingheart January 1st, 1995To my dear friend Madeline,  I hope that all is well. It is with great risk that I am sending this letter to you but I had to reach out to a dear friend. I am tired of these four walls that guard me against the dangers

The Experimental Cure

By Nirmal (@homenum_.revelio) and @little_writerr Lou, I know you’re still mad. I know you carry my words. I know they’re heavy but I also know that you understand. I didn’t leave to hurt you. The world called and I had to answer. Even though it’s only been a few months. I miss you like crazy.

My Guiding Light

By Apoorva and Ramishtha Hello, I hope this letter reaches you in good health. It’s been ages since I’ve written a letter and hence, I’m writing one now. These days I despise society.  Even though I’m just another 18-year-old teen, I have so much to hate. Why are there so many restrictions? Why do I

Hoping For Better Days

Raj  (@explosion_writes) and Zara (@hallowed_thoughts) Stratford, London 14 March Year- 1602 To any distaff who is’t finds this, Holla, I am Lucy. This is a letter f’r any distaff who is’t finds this in future.  I shall writeth and dump’t in the earth safely and leave it to destiny for anyone to discover. I desire thee

I Found Me In You

By Rutuja Bagade (@soulfulsonnet) and Rosanna Marcuccilli (@rossana_poetry) Dear Rutu, My heart opens to joy by writing to you and finding me in you. United in diversity from afar. We have different colors, different shapes, different religions, different customs, but we have a feminine structure that binds us all.  We have a breast of life and love,

The Story of Bags and The Unemployed Goddess of Memory

By Maitreyi Krishnamoorthy @parinaama_blog & Nick B Ponter @nickbponter 30/3/1700 Kanyakumari Good day to you from the tropics of Kanyakumari! I came across your address from an old, damaged box that I scavenged by the sea in my early morning cleaning drive of the beach! I believe in time travel and I believe this letter