October 2020

I Matter!

This prompt came from the idea that we all struggle to find reasons why we matter. It started as a small prompt on Instagram for Mental Health Week, but the responses we got were so amazing that it had to be shared on our website too. It was a labour of love from our followers […]


Stars are always up there, but sometimes we forget to see them. -KATrambles Stars are always up there in the sky, we know they are up there in space. On some level we know that if we look up, we can see them. Yet somehow we forget to do that. We don’t take the time

That Starry Night

That starry night, peacefully bliss, lying by your side. I took you as mine, never was I so blind. You were a beautiful crime, never letting me off the line. All was faithful and fine, until one day, we shared a different mind. Our worlds never to combine. Again I was blind gazing at you


Every star adds to the beauty of the night sky. -KATrambles The sky is vast, open and dark, it is beautiful. There are stars up there too. Quite a lot of them in fact. They do not take away the beauty of the sky, they are not ‘in the way’ so to speak.They add to

Mental Health Day

10th October, 2020 is World Mental Health day.All week we’ve spoken about various aspects of mental health,self care and how we all matter. Today on the last day we wanted to take a different approach and express our gratitude and appreciation to all the helpers out there, who on a day to day basis have


I MATTER I thought you were mad, I thought you should come back, I thought I should care more, I thought I should invest more, I thought best not to speak and give you what you seek… When did my life become devoid of my presence? Why did I not realise that I Matter -Priya

You’ve Got Mail

Dear Self, Hey there, sunflower. Hope you’re doing alright (it’s completely okay if you’re not). Sigh, where do I even begin? You and I love to take care of somebody else for two people who aren’t good at taking care of each other. You love me very little for all the work I do, I


Don’t worry dear, about the holes inside you, for a piece of bamboo can’t make music until its cut and made into a flute. -The Balterina This ramble is by @the_balterinaIt talks about how being whole is not what it is made out to be. Worrying about being perfect or seeming like we have it all

The Puzzling Mind

The Puzzling Mind!KAT presents a fun way to learn some interesting new things about the way our minds work. These clues are based on concepts of Psychology. We’ve designed them in such a way to make them interesting and simple, using real life examples.Even as we were creating this, we noticed that we learnt so


Yes to someone, I am spring, Winter to another. I’m the end to someone and the start to another. I am happiness to someone and the soul to another. A lullaby to someone and at times a noise. I’ll be with you from your birth to your end. Hope you remember I will always be