Team KAT works in many different areas. This page can serve as a guide as to what are our different services and how one can go about engaging with us in these areas. Looking forward to working with you!

– Arva and Neha (TEAM KAT)

Counseling Sessions

As mental health professionals we work one on on with clients and in groups to aid them in their mental health journey. Get in touch with us and take charge of your mental health. Your mental health matters.

Invite Us To Host An Event

Everyone needs a space to reconnect and engage their creative side. To let loose and have some fun. Are you meeting with friends/family and don’t know what to do? We can host events for you!


We love being able to host events ranging from game nights to story knitting sessions, interviews and much more. We have some preset events you can join us for or we could come up with something together!

Social Media Marketing

The blessing in our lives is social media. We are constantly learning about the power it has especially to market products, ideas and services. Would you like us to market for you?