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      This prompt came from the thought that we all tend to struggle to find reasons why we matter. This started as a small prompt on Instagram for Mental Health Week. It was a labour of love from our followers to anyone out there who needs it. We hope you will contribute and keep this knit going. You might help someone who really needs it. Let us know why you matter!

      P.S- Entries are accepted in all the supported languages here.

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      Marium Zara

      I was in apt
      These cuts were going too deep
      Slowly pouring out of the sleeves
      I knew they were going to kill
      But my mind was in too deep
      I knew I was fighting a dream

      I finally saw the reality,
      when my cuts got too far,
      and my sleeves couldn’t hide the scars.
      They were getting too far,
      For me to say they were bruises so far.

      I saw a therapist yesterday
      He told me to see the world
      Through a different lens
      Not mine but an imaginary one
      See the rainbows and flowers
      The unicorns and the fireworks

      Slowly the cuts became less
      The flowers became more
      The darkness edged away
      And rainbow became home
      I knew it was only possible
      Because I saw the world
      Not as it was, but as it should be.

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