The Emotional Alchemy

An experiential journey to discover the power of your own emotional alchemy.

A 3 day workshop facilitated by Ms. Aarti C Rajaratnam along with our team (Arva Dilawar and Neha Murali) that focused on how to regulate and navigate the different emotions. Emotions including anger, joy, anxiety, fear, peace, jealousy and self love. Our members reflected on how they experience, express and can feel these emotions. We guided them through the 3 step process of Awareness, Acceptance and Action.

Some feedback and reflections from the members who joined us..

"The workshop was exceptionally genuine and informative."

"Thank you for the beautiful session ... So well curated and
executed.. I am sure we all went through a wonderful introspection."
"Thank you so much!. It was wonderful experience attending this workshop."

The two step process is described below.
(You can choose to be a part of both or either one of these phases, we recommend joining us for both for a greater synthesis of learning.)

Show us how you represent/feel each emotion through your creations and email it to us.
Explore the individual emotions and how you would like to represent them. What do they mean to you?
In what form would you like to represent/create it?
It could be a photo, a cartoon, a drawing, a write up, a poem, music, a story, video or anything else you would like.
Once you have them ready, email them to us.

All the entries received will be displayed on our website and social media platforms and a few select entries will be presented during the workshop.

During the workshop days you will learn how each emotion can play a role in our lives and how they can be regulated effectively.
The sessions facilitated by the team will comprise the understanding phase.
After looking at your submissions, the team will compile the submissions and explore each emotion in detail during the 3 day workshop.
Participants will understand what each emotion means, how it plays a role and reflect on how to regulate it effectively in these sessions.