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      <p> The Bridges at Springtree Golf Club in Sunrise originally opened in 1972 but it was completely remodeled in 2010, revealing a course that is still just as playable as the original layout but also more challenging. After hitting an estimated 700 shots with the same ball, Pat Fahey finally lost the only ball he has played the last 12.5 rounds (unless he sneaked back on the course and found the ball after league play). Rotation of targets The borders of all greens and most hazards are mapped which means that wherever you are, the device will calculate the yardage to the points on the edge of green (or hazard) closest to and farthest from you, not the yardages to the edges closest to and farthest to the tee box (we appreciate this, particularly due to our relative high likelihood of spraying the ball far left or right of the green). GoMode. As mentioned previously, GoMode provides information to the near, center and far points of the green relative to the player, as well as selected points on the edge of hazards surrounding the green (not always in line with the user and the hole). Graphic hole images are generally far easier to see on devices under bright sunlight than satellite images, and the uPro Go is no exception.</p>
      <p> The detailed green view is exceptionally nice, and is much easier to see than the satellite images of the uPro, or those on iPhone bulk bridgestone golf balls GPS applications. The Good: uPro Gos GoMode functionality provides detailed graphic green views with the ability to determine distances to any point on or near the green, along with distances to a number of pre-mapped points that will update as the user moves in relation to the green. Lastly, we experienced an inability to lock onto satellites on a number of different occasions. Lastly, there were a number of inaccuracies with the GoMode green images (see Accuracy, below). Try going outside during the day and count how many stars you’re going to see. The Good: Courses come pre-loaded so users dont need to worry about loading their device with the course that theyre going to play on any given day. The Snowflake Cup was won by Michael Boyce for winning the overall ‘Fun Day’ with a score of 39 points, and the Archie Sampson Trophy for having the ‘Best par 3 score’ was won by Rob Moloney with a score of 12 points.</p>
      <p> Basic Mode/Green View A simple reading of distances to the near, center and far points on the green relative to the player. Views. The uPro Go comes with two basic views that cover the hole and green. 11, 442 yard par 4, tee off over a large dune about 40’ high and perhaps 40 yards from the back tee (very similar feel to that of the lower tee on the 4th hole at Brookline) to a hole that turns left to right… I fear however, that Myrtle Beach tee times may also be at a premium during this summer season! Last week’s AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am on the PGA TOUR and the European Tour’s Omega Dubai Desert Classic were the last opportunities for players to move into the top 64 in the OWGR, and Rafael Cabrera-Bello and Nicolas Colsaerts did just that, by virtue of their play this past weekend.</p>
      <p> In doing so, Sentosa’s position within the top global tourist destinations, for both local and overseas visitors, is appreciably enhanced. The user can toggle between these views by using either the soft key marked Hazard or the Mode button on the side of the device. This mode is only accessible either when starting play of a hole or through the dedicated side button, which can toggle through all three hole views. Hazards are removed from the list once the player passes them on the hole. The targets are listed in order of proximity to the users location and, unlike a number of other devices and GPS applications, remain displayed regardless of how close the player is to the target. Tree removal continues around the property with several trees being removed from number nine on the Grove course and around the tennis courts. GoMode is a useful tool to quickly see a number of key distances on and around the green at a glance, or by using the joystick, determine distances to any point on the green. As the weeks and months passed, we connected with them to see how we could help.</p>

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