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        Feel free to create the tale as you like but any entries which are inappropriate in terms of language, content or style which hurt the sentiments of any being or are of contain explicit sexual content will be deleted.

        Keep your contribution limited to 500 words. Maximum length of a tale is 3000 words.

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      She sat near the window sill and gazed out at the horizon while the drops of rain faintly touched her cheek. They muddled with the tears and she reached up and rubbed it off, “Strong women shouldn’t cry,” she muttered.

      She suddenly laughed out into the blue, and embraced the rain as it fell onto her icy cheeks. She forgot about all the pain that had once made her cry, the tears that had fell from her dampened eyes. All she wanted was for this moment to stay frozen, so she could numb her mind from bringing lashes of the memories back, stop them from beating the last few remnants of hope that still lay within her somewhere.

      She just had to find this hope, but for now

      these raindrops would comfort her.

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      But tomorrow, the weather forecast predicts sun and a smattering of clouds. Tomorrow, she will leave her window sill where cheeks fade blue and chilly toes forget how to move; tomorrow she will remember that strong women can cry and still be strong, because after strong women cry, they smile.

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      Tomorrow she would leave this town. She had everything ready. She was going to travel light. Her train would arrive at the station and 3 and she had to be there by 2:30. But before that she had to drop a letter …her goodbye before she ventured out into the world.

      So the next morning she found herself at her husbands grave. It was pouring despite the weather forecast of clear skies. It reminded her of the day when that brutal accident had killed him. It had been a year now. She kept the letter near his grave , said a prayer and then left. She would never return to this town, the memories were incredibly painful and she just wanted to escape.

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