I Matter!

This prompt came from the idea that we all struggle to find reasons why we matter. It started as a small prompt on Instagram for Mental Health Week, but the responses we got were so amazing that it had to be shared on our website too. It was a labour of love from our followers […]

Arva, a passionate and empathetic counselling psychologist, featured in a serene and welcoming pose, conveying warmth and approachability.


Empowering through stories and psychology.


Author: Maniksha (@_poetism) ACT I THE FIRST MEETING It was a lovely day to be outside. The sun was penetrating the thick fog that had covered the city of Pangon for the first time in months. Jiro stood in his garden, taking in the greenery around his home. It was a lovely day to be

My Journey With Gratitude

What is My Journey With Gratitude? This is an initiative by Knit A Tale: a shared story-writing platform. As part of our gratitude month, we wanted to not just preach, but also bring it into our lives. Gratitude has been shown to positively impact our relationships, bring in peace, joy, improves health, and helps us

What is Gratitude?

On the surface, we believe that when we say the words ‘thank you’, we are showing that we are grateful. However, it is not just limited to that. Gratitude is a warm feeling we have, it is an acknowledgment and appreciation for what we have, whom we have, and all that we have in our

My Haven

By: Maniksha (@poetism) and Talia (@taliavanderwrites) To my dearest love: I hope when the sun shines, you recognize its warmth. I want you to see hope, and feel it flowing into your body like the most beautiful storm. I want you to remember, even without being in my arms, you are safely loved. Love is

Game Night

KAT launches GAME NIGHT!With everything going on, we felt it was more important than ever to take some time and let loose.To bring out that competitive spirit from within us and play once again. So have you got your gameface on? This will be a regular event that will be held on the last Saturday

Knit Your Own Tale

Knit A Tale is about people coming together for stories, to create them, to discuss them and bond over them.Through ‘Knit Your Own Tale’ we are looking to take the same idea to support one another, to engage with one another over our own stories. We all have a story, it is a part of

Open Mic Night

KAT’s Open Mic NightAn open call for all performers!Whether you sing or dance, whether you orate or recite, whether you mimic or act or teach a skill or learn something or anything else..you are welcome to our night featuring artists of all kinds.Join us this Saturday at 9 pm on ZOOM. (The event is held


A session where we can all come together and create something extraordinary. This is a weekly ‘affair’ where we invite you to take out one hour of your time to recharge, refresh, learn something, share knowledge and create something with us and the rest of the KAT members. We will explore different topics, different skills

My True North

By Serwat Faisal (@serwat_writes) & Jack Burrus Goodson (@77jbgoodson) My Dearest Dear of Oceans-Never-Crossed,  He’s leaving me. His overgrown, untrimmed ego has grown weary of my tongue. Viper-like is how he is inclined to describe it. The constant insistence that I follow his lead, his step, his orders. Any deviance, any defiance: he calls me