KAT’s Open Mic Night
An open call for all performers!
Whether you sing or dance, whether you orate or recite, whether you mimic or act or teach a skill or learn something or anything else..you are welcome to our night featuring artists of all kinds.
Join us this Saturday at 9 pm on ZOOM. (The event is held on the 2nd Saturday of every month)
If you’d like to be an audience that’s great too, let’s encourage our friends and have some fun!
Register and let us know what you will be performing, eagerly looking forward to every performance..

This is currently a pay-as-you-like event. Meaning you can choose to contribute financially to support us in whatever capacity you would like. It is however not necessary to join the session. This is in effect at the moment since we realize that the economic and health crisis surrounding us is a source of massive distress to us all.

The funds collected this week would also be donated to Give India to provide food for Covid Hit Families. We are sharing the link here. We encourage you to donate if you are in the capacity to do so it would be a great help during these testing times.


Looking forward to seeing you for the session. Stay Safe and have a great day!

You can register below.