Una Mattina – Ludovico Einaudi Musical Prompt

Close your eyes and listen to the music, 
the music that rings in my ears, 
stuck in my head like a leech, 
but these songs make me cry, 
Through them,
I see flashes of you, 
of the memories we had, 
and the songs we sang in the zing of our love.
Through these songs, 
I see your smile and 
hear your voice singing along.
I wish I never had to listen to music, 
but if I didn’t my heart would crash.

Listen to keep the memories alive.
Everyday they become more alien, 
more fragile, 
more distant.....
The ghost of the past 
that I summon to continue 
loving the space you filled.

This prompt was a musical prompt. It was designed to help our writers get creative, to see how they would interpret the reel themselves. How each one’s interpretation of the tune and the notes can influence the final tale. It was a dream to read these tales!

This tale knit by her_words.and.photos and wordy.hareer for the musical prompt, is reminiscent. The words remind us of the people that came into our lives and gave it new meaning.
The authors who have knit this tale show us how powerful nostalgia can be and the sheer magnitude of emotions it invokes in us, is extraordinary.

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