The world stood still as I stepped through the looking glass

By: Vaibhav (@prosepotato) and Shivani (@the.wordicted)

After entering the glass, I saw a future that I never envisioned, it showed me that all that was wrong had turned out to be something a thing of the past only. It was like living the past again which I never craved. But now, I had the chance to undo my mistakes, take up all the opportunities and make my past a better present. I went to the place where it all began, saw the results of my deeds bearing fruit, then I right at the corner I saw the future me, I felt hesitant, whether should I go there and have a talk, it would be a really awkward conversation talking to myself. I finally grab the courage to go and ask about how I was doing. Was I still in pain or whether I had progressed in life? Did I finally listen to my heart or whether I followed what people said? It was a conversation of introspection. While having the conversation, I came to know what all happened after that fateful day, I was dragged down by everyone who never believed in me, or thought I was not capable of doing it. All that negative pressure had made me oblivious to pain and it helped me progress so far in life that I never cared about the past anymore. I was relieved to know that I am finally being me with no one’s opinions and views. I converse with myself to introspect, to make decisions, to retaliate. I am glad to know that at least my future self is a little better than what I am right now. I grow every day but obstacles are bound to come which makes me stronger in the days to come. With that relief in my head and heart, I decided to come back to the present, knowing the outcome I decided to work harder and smarter. I said all goodbye to the future me and jumped back in the glass. When I reached back into the present, it all felt like a dream, but a dream with a goal.

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