The Enchanting Aroma of Tea filled the Room as…

The enchanting aroma of tea filled the room as I began to pour myself a cup of ginger chai, my third for the day. The overcast sky and gentle tip-tapping of raindrops against the window made for the perfect ambience. The palette in front of me beckoned me, and I finally picked up the paintbrush.

-Riddhi Khandar

As I sat holding the paintbrush in my hand looking for inspiration outside the window which was blurred by the raindrops, reminiscence of the Mumbai tapri chai with steaming hot bhajji painted my mind. The cloud of nostalgia overshadowed everything else so much so that a layer of cream formed in my chai which was no longer piping hot. Little did I know the memories were stronger than my third cup of ginger chai.

-Shreya Kulkarni

I was woken up from my reverie by chirping of birds outside the window. The rain had stopped pavingthe way for the beautiful rainbow beckoning me get out of the house and enjoy the smell of wet earth, shake the rainwater from the leaves on the trees and play with paper boats in puddles. I felt a tinge of excitement rise and wane down as I realized, “we’re supposed stay at home!


Here’s presenting one by our favourites Riddhi Khandhar, Shreya Kulkarni and mad_hu_reema which is a little too relatable these days. Thank you so much for participating and supporting us.

The enchanting aroma of tea filled the room
as I was musing in my rocking chair,
'Chaudvi ka Chand' was playing on my stereo
that took me back and forth in the memory lane of
beauteous by-gones and fanciable future. 

I draw the curtain open,
allow the sun to caress me,
submit my senses to the soothing sips
and I call this rendezvous,
the "me tea" time.

The second entry is by unicorn_stealer and tsejore. Thank you so much for this absolute beauty.

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