That Starry Night

That starry night, peacefully bliss, lying by your side.
I took you as mine, never was I so blind.
You were a beautiful crime, never letting me off the line.
All was faithful and fine,
until one day, we shared a different mind.
Our worlds never to combine.
Again I was blind gazing at you like that starry night.
Take me whole and claim my soul,
while I rest here till I find
another woeful soul to drown my sorrows.
Thank you for that starry night,
that you stood by my side.
-My Pain Turns Into Words

Too bad its all left behind. 
The world is too busy spinning to worry about you and I. 
How was I to know that I’d get lost and 
my heart and soul would go missing in the depth of your love. 
Days and nights go on until 
we’d have another starry night of our fingers interlaced. 
Of a love that’s pure. 
Of a love that illuminated the stars.
-Emely Flores

This tale was knit by my_pain_turns_into_words and writewithflores
The tale talks about how something/someone that meant so much can one day not have the same impact on us. How things can be different and how that can affect us. The pain of leaving things behind, the pain and sorrow of having to move on, from that person, from that starry night..

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