Rekindling Hope

By Priya Baid (@ehsaasonkealfaaz) and @lovingheart

January 1st, 1995
To my dear friend Madeline, 

I hope that all is well. It is with great risk that I am sending this letter to you but I had to reach out to a dear friend. I am tired of these four walls that guard me against the dangers that lurk in my midst yet keep me as a prisoner to fear. I pray each day for freedom. 
I know you have been worried about me and I am so sorry I could not tell you more at the time but I had to remain hidden. The man whom I once trusted and loved turned into an evil monster. My life was no longer in my hands. I sit here every day thinking about the hurt and betrayal but I am waiting patiently for time to heal. 
One day when my mind and heart are at rest I hope to share my experiences with you. For now, I would love to hear kind words from a trusted friend. Please do tell me how life has treated you. I hope it is only good news. Until I hear from you do take care and keep safe my dear.

Your friend, Abigail 
(PS: Please address me as Carol)

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