My Guiding Light

By Apoorva and Ramishtha


I hope this letter reaches you in good health. It’s been ages since I’ve written a letter and hence, I’m writing one now. These days I despise society.  Even though I’m just another 18-year-old teen, I have so much to hate. Why are there so many restrictions? Why do I have to fight for every small thing I want? Will society ever change? Yesterday, my teacher called me aside and told me something really silly. She went, ” Aren’t you disciplined? Is this the way you behave around boys? “. I stood there in disbelief. For a few minutes, I couldn’t figure out what wrong I had done. After gathering every ounce of courage I had left I asked her, ” Ma’am what do you mean?.” She pulled me by my shoulder and pushed me into the staff room. She crosses her arm and starts reproducing the bullshit she had been fed with. She goes,” Apoorva are you being stupid? You cannot laugh with boys, you are not supposed to stay close to them. It’s not right if you’re being flirty. Did you even notice how many of them were surrounding you? What will others think?….”. I zone out before she even completes her speech. Another injustice starts playing in my head. A few weeks ago I was craving some junk food. So I borrowed some money from my mother and went out to buy them. By the time I came back, there was a literal action scene taking place in my house. My father notices me and starts yelling at me. He ferociously screams, ” Apoorva who the hell gave you the permission to go out? It’s not your job to go out. Is this how I’ve raised you? Girls are supposed to stay inside and cook, not roam around.” I being the rebel I am, I say ” Appa I asked amma’s permission. There’s no need for this drama.” It doesn’t end there you see. He continues asking me who the head of the household is. I completely zone out again. I don’t know why but I cannot last through such entire speeches. All these instances may seem very insignificant,  but pay attention. All of their actions have a motive and that is to oppress girls from a very young age. Don’t  talk, don’t laugh, don’t go out. I’ve always wondered why is there a gap between the two genders. I’ll never know the answer. But the fact that the gap doesn’t reduce scares me more. I don’t want to raise my daughter in such a society. I don’t want her questioning her worth. I’ve spent all my 18 years reducing my voice, forgetting I have a voice, not using my voice but not anymore. I’ve realized the mistake is in the society and not me! 

Sending you strength and love,

A distressed teen,


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