What is a dream? 
Should I dream?
Can I even dream? 
Why should I dream? 
Why indeed, because it costs nothing. 
Yet it can potentially give you everything. 
It is free, 
it can also set you free. 
To dream is to be free.
Dreams are free

Endless possibilities lie ahead. To dream is to see what you would like, what you would want, it can liberate you. 
You might just find what you’re looking for.

What’s your take on dreams? And how does a dream matter? 

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KATrambles is a series where team KAT share their own creations or works that inspire them. As a way for Team KAT to connect with the KATverse in a more direct way beyond just being a platform. Our rambles can be discussed in the comments, we would love to hear your interpretations. Feel free to tag your friends or even share them with people who mean a lot to you. 
This is our way of sharing a bit of positivity with one other in these trying times.

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