PDA Series: I’m in Love with the Shape of You

By: Prose Potato

It was the ketchup to my fries, the humble tomato, a round plump red ball of seeds and flesh that took my heart away, and most of them like us as a couple as well, apparently, we complement each other when consumed as a whole. But sadly, we were not meant to be together thanks to some mad experiments by a vile genius.

He was a mad scientist fighting his own wars, but no one dared to call him by his real name, everyone knew the mysterious enigma as Heisenberg. He was a man of sheer will and determination, to be the most powerful person on this planet, irrespective of what others think or do. His nefarious schemes almost ended the reign of humans once. But that is not the point.
The main problem he had was with me and tomato making the world happy. Since he could not find love in his life, he decided to destroy others life as well. Anyways, before we go on about what he did, you should know how I fell in love for the first time, and how did I discover the tomato to be the one for me and how she couldn’t be mine in the way I wanted.

Well, back in our land, we had a lot of crazy superstitions that the elders followed, one of them was not to love creatures of another kind. This meant that carrots could be our friends only, nothing more than that. At first, it was odd to me when I got to know about it. But like everyone else, I managed to get used to all the trials and tribulations. And then, I was thrown out of the Potato kingdom and into the kingdom of Man, where everything was different, I had to fight myself for a few days to let go of the ideals of the potato kingdom and survive.
In the middle of the transition period, I met a bunch of new people, and also Tomato, she had a sweet voice and helped me understand the laws of the new land. we discovered more about each other and I realised that I had fallen in love with her! And she did as well. we lived happily together, two balls of different materials just rolling around exploring the world, and then we bumped into a man who showed us just how we both are a beautiful couple and are also lovely to humans as well.

While rolling around we entered a dark cave, inside the cave was Heisenberg, upon trying to make him happy, he scared us with his wrath, we got a look at his face, his eyes showed compassion but his anger took control of him, we tried to look around to know more about him, and we got know his real name and upon knowing it he looked at us and proclaimed “Say my name”. we carefully reached close to his ears and said it. Upon hearing it, he got angry and kicked us out of his cave yelling that a vegetable and a fruit cannot stay together in love, one of them will die soon. I also yelled back, you will never lose sight of and we will annoy you to the core.
That statement made by Heisenberg got me scared and made me question the ideals that I grew up with, why the potato elders never let us mingle with people of other races, what scared them so much that they outright hated the idea of interracial (or in this case Inter-species) love and mingling. Then it struck my mind. I cannot bear my offsprings with Tomato, because she was technically not a potato.

Well, once in love, everything else blurs around, and nothing else matters, but for me, It did matter because there were a massive hurdle and a giant wall in between us. When Tomato got to know about this, she freaked out and fainted, I had to take her to a hospital and the doctors gave me a very grim outlook that she has endured great pain and would not survive. They did tell me of an experimental treatment tho, where both of us would achieve immortality, but it would mean that we both have to leave our current round bodies. We both agreed, she turned into a fine powder and I into a thin slice of the chip.
Together we managed to survive and constantly annoy Heisenberg by doing silly things like tomato spilling ketchup and I slip out of his hands.In our new form, people also loved us soo much that we almost made it to their daily diet but everything must stay in control.And this is how I found my love.

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