Mental Health Day

10th October, 2020 is World Mental Health day.
All week we’ve spoken about various aspects of mental health,self care and how we all matter. Today on the last day we wanted to take a different approach and express our gratitude and appreciation to all the helpers out there, who on a day to day basis have helped us when we needed it most. This could be anyone/anything that you felt had an impact on you. Your pet, a friend, a trusted diary, a psychologist, your favourite TV show, your family, your counsellor, that one song, your favourite instagram pages, you favourite dress, that quote, that special someone…that special YOU.

So as the lyrics go Saal badla, Haal badla tere aane se.. Zinadagi ka Khayal badla tere aane se.
With your presence in my life, there’s been a beautiful in my year, my reality and in the way I perceive life.
We invite you to use this post, use this day as an opportunity to thank them, for being there for you, for helping you, for guiding you. But above all else for being who/what they are, and appreciate them for it.

We also hope that this coming year we can be such enablers of change in peoples lives in way with the theme this year MENTAL HEALTH FOR ALL.

From the KAT team We dedicate this post to each and every one of you. Whether you know it or not, what you say and what you do, does matter. You matter. We’re ever grateful for every single one of you, thank you✨

If there is someone who you think should see this, send this to them, tag them in the comments. Let your people know that they have had an impact, that you’re grateful for the role they play and treat yourself a little today.

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