In a world that’s a mirror of our own..

In another world, that's a mirror image of of our own I hope the semblance is only the appearance
I hope it's the better version of our world
With Humanity as the dictator
And the omnipresence of Truce
In that another World, Cruelty, Hatred, Bloodshed and Vengeance,
They are all ghost. A world where love is the trend, And everyone is in fashion. In that another world
No "-ISM" exists
No echo of cries are heard
No woman is raped and
No one is betrayed
A world where people treasure the Mother Nature
A world where people appreciates one another
A world where
Unity is the goal
Does this mirror image of our world exist?
Or is it just an enigma?

- fly_on_the_wall_910 @a_aola_jamitsur

In another world, there’s a mirror image of our own. Where you aren’t blown by seeing someone else succeed. Where you rejoice in their success & work your fingers to the bone. Where you aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Where you believe that you are in a different journey & claws of compare doesn’t bother you anymore.
Where we don’t look at little imperfections of people, where we aren’t afraid of our own mirror image. Where we are confident with who we are and embrace ourselves and others too. A world where the demons inside us are dead, a world where we see no crime.
 A world where we grow only by uplifting others. Where everyday is a new day. Where we aren’t looked down upon just because we couldn’t succeed in one particular endeavor. A world where there is no hatred & only love.
In another world, that’s a mirror image of our own, we want different things. Things that are good and positive for all. A different point of view towards world, a happy and healthy environment. Where people might look the same, but their thoughts are different, are good.
So why wait for a mirror image to do that? Why not make little changes in this very life instead.Little by little that changes will accumulate. It’s not much, but man, does it add up. step by step let’s do something good, let’s create this mirror image and other world here. It can be tough for some, but the efforts are what matter.
Soon we will be a part of one whole & together we will fortify & do away with the bitterness. Amen

In another world, there's a mirror image of our own. Maybe our personalities, our culture, our habitats may vary but being a mirror image is all that I want to see it. 
I want to know what type of a personality my mirror image can be apart from mine. 
Is the person open-minded? 
Is the person introvert? 
Is the person full of life? 
Questions are endless.
the questions are endless and I still seek to find the answers for it. 
But what if the mirror image of mine is not what I am or is better than me? 
So now I think with a mind full of chaos.
I hope to meet my mirror image soon. But where, when and how? What if we meet accidentally? What if we meet on the internet? What would we talk when we meet? 
Strange thoughts and questions waver in mind. If only it would be possible.



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