I Found Me In You

By Rutuja Bagade (@soulfulsonnet) and Rosanna Marcuccilli (@rossana_poetry)

Dear Rutu,

My heart opens to joy by writing to you and finding me in you. United in diversity from afar. We have different colors, different shapes, different religions, different customs, but we have a feminine structure that binds us all.  We have a breast of life and love, milk and honey, a womb capable of loving, sprouting, guarding, and procreating children.  We are sweetness that goes beyond all bitterness. A soft substance capable of supporting heavyweights and carrying countless responsibilities. We are caress in the tenderness of women that lift every soul, relieving every load. We are the essence of a strawberry pink, a rosegold cuddling in domestic, beautiful, nests. Exquisite nourishment, perfect joy, immaculate beauty in the scent of sensual, pure, delicate flowers. Furthermore, we have strong, aerial roots, their strength is the dedication of colludes souls at the sky expression of every single fullness.

So,when I mirror myself in you, so different from me, I find myself.  

Beautiful woman.

With love + respect


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