Horror Shots

Okay, ghouls, time to wake up from your graveyards and let’s have a party! Human flesh for free!!


I cried and ran against the wind
When will this be over?
All the unheard voices, creeping inside my head
No matter how loud I shout
No matter how hard I cry
If it’s too quiet, I heard them every time


Flaring eyes are always watching you,
but you can’t see them.
Muffling voices are always echoing ,
but you can’t hear them;
No matter where you are,
you are never alone.


It’s the sound that reverberates in the shadows, the sound that echoes in the hills. Can you hear it? It’s the chill in the air, the bite in the wind. It is cold, colder than the winter’s breath. It spread through your body, from the tips of your fingers to the ends of your hair. Can you feel it? Is it painful? Do you feel it in your stomach? The sudden swelling from inside? Do you taste it in your mouth? The thick, invisible bile rising from deep within? Do you know what it is? You open your mouth to shout, but there is no sound. This is the horror, the realization, the fear.“


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