I Love You, I Know

I wish I was as cool as Han Solo.

The confidence to shoot first,

the cockiness in the cockpit.

I wish I felt deserving of love.

So that when you say,

“I love you”

I could say

“I know.”


As part of fandom week, we came up with a unique idea for prompts.
We compiled infamous quotes from different fandoms and gave them as prompts wherein people could make use of any quotes in the list to write a short piece for themselves. We had some great entries. The write ups were creative and inspiring that we were left yearning for more!
Here is one of our favourites!

Han Solo, arguably one of the most iconic characters to ever exist. His signature characteristics and attributes are things we have idolised and tried to emulate for generations.

This piece by awordsmith80 brings out this childhood fantasy we had to be just like Han Solo.
To be cool.
To believe we are worthy
To live and love without reservation.

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