As The Ancient Legend Goes..

As the ancient legend goes,
we are all tied to an invisible red thread.
The thread that may stretch or tangle,
but unbreakable it is.
It connects us to the destiny:
to meet,
to connect,
to be soul mates.

It refines everything
and gets the stars to align
to make our heavenly world divine.
Finally the subconscious whispers t
his is your home and everything has been refined.
You feel everything.

It seems like our names are written in the stars,
while fate pull us close.
The entire universe spins for us,
reciting our shades of platonic love.
Tied by the strings of fate,
we are the melancholic notes
floating on the warm autumn zephyr.

Even the constellations are on a wrath,
some willing some against
tangling our meeting strings.
I seek your shining aura
in every origami of the dry leaves all around.
Thinking of the starry night
under the invisible clouds,
in your arms dancing by the moonlight.

Our Soul was one before we met.
A holy Union of no regrets.
But Gods entered a contest
and ripped us in two in detest.
Finding you is a conquest.
In Every life I beget.

The time has come,
for the amalgamation of souls,
to become one.
The spring of love is here,
the blooming origami of our desires,
tickling my ear.
Invisible threads have woven a crux,
seen by the naked heart,
creating a bittersweet flux.
The wrath is over,
destiny is fulfilled,
cupid has taken over.

This tale was knit by auvien , _jwritess_,  solitary_scrivener , samreeneram30, poisoned_pen_poetryndmore and un_equivocal.

These six writers have brought out the essence of what Knit A Tale is all about, which is many people coming together to create something amazing.
It begins with the legend of a thread that is delicately interwoven connecting the fates of people. It talks about fate, destiny, love, wrath and the different forces of the universe taking us on a journey of how they are all connected to one another and rely on one another. It shows us how eventually, cupid (or love) does indeed win and is so powerful that it can actually bring people together.

In the end isn’t that what truly matters?

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