And at last I see the light..

This was knit by @mariathelal and @tanishqquraishi

A tale of love and a tale of death, in one. A tale of holding on to love for dear life. For those moments we hold close to our hearts. Even though the end may be near and the heartbeats are numbered, one can’t help but feel selfish in those final moments. Is it selfish though, to savor the beautiful moments while you can and when you can?

And at last I see the light. 
In the corner of the room, 
nestled between the window 
and our wedding portrait.
I tug her hand. 
Look! Look it's right there! 
She continues to sob into my cooling face. 
- Maria Dalal

We move to no music. 
The light is ethereal, 
and sings to in sync 
with the last few heartbeats. 
Between the two of us, 
we predict a good twenty more. 
- @tanishqquarishi

Reminds me of our first dance, 
her smile blinding and body loose,
 swaying to my pull and push. 
Reminds me of Zee falling asleep on my chest, 
taut muscles from the tantrum finally relaxed. 
I know the end is near. 
I feel the lightness in my bones. 
This body has felt so heavy, for so long. 
- Maria Dalal

We are selfish in our song and dance. 
Love between lovers is selfish 
in a way that casts a light 
show in the night sky and 
drips in handmade sweets; 
while families mourn 
and season's greetings rupture 
at the base of the throat. 
Death is but subjective. 
- @tanishqquarishi

Death is but subjective 
when I head from one light to another.
- Maria Dalal

This tale was knit by @thekitchenpoet and @simplicity.speaks_

The tale talks of love and finding the light within the ones you love. The light that one can see so clearly. That love, that connection may seem temporary, it may seem to end at some point. Yet it is eternal. It is the inspiration for others, it is the light that guides those who follow.

At last I see the light. 
Escaping from your barely opened eyes 
I pry them with gentle touch 
Certain there are stars hiding inside you.  

With one glance, your light is enough. 
You have me wishing on your eyes 
that love with find us. 

Wishing love will find us 
wrapped in a blanket of dark 
tracing the constellations 
that appear one by one 
in the specks of your wide open eyes. 
- @thekitchenpoet

But, eventually, all stars must die. 
I wish our love shines so bright, 
the death of our love explodes
 in a supernova, spreading pieces of ourselves, 
our love, into the universe for more love to grow. 

So that for all eternity, our love, 
echoed in stardust will be 
the glimmer in every love poem ever penned 
And the sparkle in every eye 
that gazes in the light of love. 
- @thekitchenpoet

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