An Ode To Her Sisters

By Noorain Khan

Dedicated to her sisters Farha Khan, Ismat Khan, Faiza Khan and Saba Khan

Dear sister,
As a child, I used to look upto you, look at everything you are and can be. And then look at myself in the mirror and question if I’ll ever grow up to be anything close to this person. It wasn’t the perfection, it was how you dealt with the flaws. When I would fly up in the sky, you’d pull me down to earth; back to reality. When the world pushed me to the ground, you’d pick me up. When you were shivering from inside but you held from outside only to make me stand strong. When you crawled your way through my walls and slowly pulled them down. For being supportive when I dated the guy you didn’t like, for being supportive when my heart shattered to pieces. For being my pillar when I wanted to stand and for being my quilt when I fell down. For knowing me better than myself, for believing in me when no one else would. For being my connoisseur of life. For being my companion, my friend, my soulmate. I don’t know if thank you is the word. I don’t know if any words will suffice when it comes to you. They say, you are what you borrow from people around you. I’ve been lucky enough to borrow most of my being from you. 
Noorain Khan

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