All His Life He Assumed He Was Ordinary Until…

All his Life he assumed, he was Lonely until..
the encounter,
they say for everyone in this world there happens to exist a Soul mate, for however lost or empty you might be,
someone is meant to be yours.
And he knew it the moment he saw her

The moment he saw her,
he knew his world had turned upside down.
His world no longer existed.
It was only her -
she was his world.
Their encounter meant many things and
their journey had only just begun.
-CD Faucon

He realised he's no longer broken and lonely.
She dropped in unexpectedly but to stay for forever.
As he's fallen for her he offered her his broken heart
in hope that she will not crush it.
She looked in his eyes and held it carefully and
promised to cherish it forever,
and for some reason he believed her.
She proved him that I love you are not just simple three words,
but they are magical.
And he's not some lonely ordinary human he was special for her,
like a bright star in darkest velvety sky
-Miss Imperfect Writer

This tale was knit by prestomagic, cdfaucon and missimperfectwriter. It talks about that moment when you meet someone and everything changes. That instant connection, that bond that we form with another person and how that changes you as person. How that meeting and that person make everything else seem arbitrary. These words give all of us hope, especially those of us who hope to find the right person one day.

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