30 Seconds, That’s all I had to…

I had only 30 seconds to regret the thought of regretting being a girl. 
Or not taking stand for myself. 
So that the other being could feed on my inner purity. 
If I could, I would take a lifetime to regret the things 
I thought I would do but couldn’t, I only have 30 seconds. 

Still I  have regrets of being a girl somewhere immersed in my soul, digging a whole, 
then I realised what if, 
there is no regret only a mindset,
not to become a sunset but to become a sunrise in the life full of zest, then I realised I have to take a rest,
because of the 30 seconds left. 
Would you want to stop my sun of hope to set?

Little did my heart know those 30 seconds of rest, 
and the reel play of all my memories, 
getting up every time the society pushed me down,
stronger than ever before,
with brighter zeal was all that I needed. 
All that my soul needed to be set free, 
free as a beautiful butterfly 
just out of its cocoon of darkness. 

Those 30 seconds made me realise what I have to do. 
Stand up for my fellow warriors and dreams of glory to pursue. Emerging as Queens and still we have battles to fight, 
tales of our struggles I’ll always write.
We wear this shining armour and be our own knight.
-The soulful rhymes

This is an inspiring piece knit together by acclaim_stories,  _seeker_6, breakfast.musings and thesoulfulrhymes. We’re grateful for all of your support and your tales! The way our community has grown in these few weeks is truly amazing.

30 seconds, that's all I had to tell you I have loved you forever, 
even though you moved on. 
We parted ways so many years ago,
and I smiled through our amicable decision.
I still smile, for you and all who wished you well.
I forget how to cry 
because my soul has learned to be a reflection of my love for you, 
but I hope I can spend an eternity missing you. 
-Maya rose

Often my mind wanders, 
curious to know if you still drink your coffee 
with a pound of sweet Italian cream. 
Do you still wake up at 5 am just to watch the sunrise?
Are you still passionate about the silence of the world at witching hour before even the birds rejoice 
to the sight of the sun with songs and melodies of a past time?
You were always a night owl and 
watching me slumber was one of your favourite pastimes.
If I had 30 seconds to tell you I loved you forever, I would.
-Empty girl poetry

Here’s another gem based on the prompts posted last week by maya.roze.poetry and emptygirlpoetry. It’s a beautiful creation that is both heartbreaking and hopeful.

30 seconds, that's all I had to answer. 
To answer your call.
Yours, who is not mine any longer. 
Yours, who filled my heart with destruction and anger.
A call, which would give me hope and remedy.
Which could make me forget who's the real enemy.
5 seconds left what will I decide?
Let finally go or loose my pride?
2 seconds to go, now it's time..
To finally flush you from my mind.
To let you go and live my life.
That a lesson learned,
on to the next,
I have to let go it’s for the best.
But my heart is dying .
Should I send you
one last text ?

Here’s another gem based on the prompts posted last week by zenpaperscissors and kenspoetrypage . A tale of longing, of making hard choices and the bittersweet parts of moving on.

30 seconds, that's all I had to walk out from this dirty mud pit 
before it binds me together and acts like a quicksand.
I started to see the fear crawl my skin, 
choke me and leave me barely breathing.
I strip off things that weigh me down, 
including all of the bitterness from the past I've carried along, 

and all the pain I've suffered through my journey, 
all the toxicity that's killing me inside.
But, just that hope, that desire to be set free, 
was all it took in those 30 seconds for me to gather all my strength,
 pick myself up and move forward leaving everything behind.

A beautiful tale by auvien and niyatistix
The complexities and fears of leaving behind what holds you back. Of shedding the weights from our past in order to move forward. The strength that’s described in order to do that, is inspiring.

30 seconds thats all I had to tell each one of you
 that you people know nothing about my life .
I never gave you the right to speak something or anything on me . 
If I am sharing my stuff then it means it must be restricted to you only.
I repeat if I am sharing my stuff 
then it means you have to consider my inner feelings .
I repeat if I am sharing my stuff 
then it means you have to protect me 
rather than bombarding me with additional judgmental comments.
-The purble place

Don't judge me.
I trusted you, with my biggest fears,
my biggest mistakes,
my biggest lies and disappointments. 
Don't judge my vulnerability.
Are you not a human too?
Are you not vulnerable too?
Why do you judge me then?
Why do you betray my trust?
-Bubble Quotes

All I have done is that I trusted you, 
with my deepest fears. 
All am asking you is little consideration on my emotion.
If I am vulnerable with you doesn't mean that you can hurt me, 
it means you have to be careful with my feelings. 
The choice is yours to mend or break.
-Solo Ecstacy

But let me remind you that this choice is power. 
It’s the power to break someone. 
It’s the power that I granted you 
when I decided to show you my vulnerabilities, 
when I decided to trust you. 
So when you make the choice,
remember that human emotions are at stake- 
and we as a species are fragile by nature.
-Life in mosaic

A tale that was knit by thepurbleplace__,  bubbl.quotes,  soloecstasy and lifeinmosaic.
A powerful piece on judgement. How we fear it and how that in turn is our own enemy. How trust and judgement are two sides of the same coin. To be vulnerable and to trust others is seen as being weak. When in reality, it is a sign of strength, and requires a lot of courage. When that trust is broken, the bond will never be the same.

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