A session where we can all come together and create something extraordinary.

This is a weekly ‘affair’ where we invite you to take out one hour of your time to recharge, refresh, learn something, share knowledge and create something with us and the rest of the KAT members.

We will explore different topics, different skills and just have a collaborative experience unique to all of us.
We could create stories, songs, poems, share recipes, discuss movies, books or anything else.

Let’s read, learn, listen, speak, cook, watch, play, experience, connect and grow together.
It seems a simple thing right? Maybe that will make all the difference! So join us and be amazed!

Session details
Every Sunday at 7pm.
On Google Meet

To ensure a fruitful experience for all of the group members there will be limited slots available.

Each group will be limited to 12 participants

These weekly sessions will be facilitated by Arva and Neha the team behind Knit A Tale.