Yes! This is it, the potion that can…

Yes! this is It, the potion that can, 
make me dream about my wonderland, 
I could meet you there we wont be apart, 
like what's happening now, what happened in the past. 

Nothing will matter there,
we'll be safe and sound from all the miseries, with a fresh start.
 Where happiness comes in the form of fairies
and love blossoms as golden tulips. 
An awe struck land I dreamt only for us...
-Prestomagic & miss_imperfectwriter
-Ms Imperfect Writer

Here’s the next tale that was knit together by @pres.tomagic and @miss_imperfect_writer which has us all dreaming of a wonderland!
We’re grateful for all of your support and your tales!

Yes! This is it, this potion can do wonders.
It is the one that we've been looking for all our lives.
I have always been an over thinker and 
that has never worked in my favour.
But now after taking a sip from this vial,
I hope to transcend to place where my thoughts drown out. 
-Priya Baid

I look forward to experiencing warm sand under my feet 
as I watch the sun set by the beach, 
or the whiff of cold air becoming one with my tresses 
as I draw closer towards mountains peaks. 
Maybe dewy greens will touch my feet 
I stand under canopies of trees 
and watch the flowers bloom around me, 
or maybe I'll snuggle up to a hot cocoa 
and immerse myself in soulful poetry.
I will no longer think about life and its uncertainty, 
for once I'll just be. 
It's this potion that will quench my thirst of just being.

Here’s another gem based on the prompts posted last week by @ehsaasonkealfaaz and @tanishajhajj.wp.
This one gives us hope. Hope of finding beauty in the simple things that life has to offer.

Yes! This is it, the potion that can break the curse. 
It burns on its way down your throat, 
a feeling that feels familiar in all its strangeness.
This one will work. 
This time, things will be different. 

The potion works at once. 
You can feel your soul shifting. 
The strings that once tied you to this body coming apart. 
As your soul shifts and you finally float free once again, 
you ask yourself why it took you so long 
to figure out this potion.”

A tale by @taliavanderwrites and @jayjamjaime
With some simple and impactful words they talk about a potion that enables us to break free. That although hard to swallow, lifts you up and frees your soul.
We wonder what was in that potion! Seems like we could all use something like that in today’s world!

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