The Smell of a Freshly Brewed Coffee filled the Room

The smell of a freshly
brewed coffee filled the room.
And in the corner of the bricked wall, there stand the broom.
Scattered papers kept beside the blue ceramic cup.
Jumbled words ‘air’, ‘breathe’, ‘sun’, ‘light’ inked in it above.
Scattered papers kept beside the blue ceramic cup.
-Ashmita Baidya

With all the scattered thoughts in it
Unable to complete,
just like an incomplete love story.
Incomplete love story
of you and I.
Woman and woman, man
and man, love doesn't see gender, don't we know this by then?
Don't we know by then?
Hmmm taking a deep breath,
 i took a sip... 
Pulling out a fresh blank paper, 
trying to complete our love story.
Before the smell in the room fades away in thin air.
-Monica Okram

Here is the first entry by @acclaim_stories and @monicaokram which will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

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