The Experimental Cure

By Nirmal (@homenum_.revelio) and @little_writerr


I know you’re still mad. I know you carry my words. I know they’re heavy but I also know that you understand.

I didn’t leave to hurt you. The world called and I had to answer.

Even though it’s only been a few months. I miss you like crazy. I hope you read this. I hope you send a reply. I want to tell you about all I’ve seen and done but I don’t know if you’ll want to hear it yet. So I’ll leave you with the year. We did it. I’m writing to you from a small room in an attic, completely filled with books and tea…in 1924.

I won’t say where exactly or how. Write me, love. Tell me what’s new in 2023. Tell me what you’re doing now.

If you decide to write back, this is how you’ll get to me. Put down what you wish to say on paper, scrunch it up, and burn it with a white candle. As it begins to turn to dust whisper my name three times and think me and only me as I am now. Don’t think about me when I left or who I was as a kid but me who is surfing through time. It’s the only way I’ll get it.

I’ll be waiting.


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