An Ode To Her

By: Rebekah Rainey

Artwork by: Jen Corbett

A line at a time she becomes more who she is. 
An all-knowingness, a strong tenderness,
an unfailing devotion shine through the eyes.
The eyes never changing
though the skin that surrounds much softer. 
She stands tall amongst the weak. 
Her shoulders ache from carrying the burdens of others. 
She does not talk of this. 
Her hands are tired, her fingers swollen. 
Years of carving, building, holding 
reveal itself through the cells.  
Gifts in abundance; her own dreams never realised. 
This does not concern her. 
"What are your dreams?" she asks.
And still she doubts her efforts. 
Why is there such pain? 
She could do no more but finds herself 
searching the past for the untraceable. 
She is all in one:
A vessel; a channel; a beacon. 
Her words offer honest hope: 
a comfort that no other can sound, 
a reason that no other can refute. 
Does she know? She must know. 
A love to the power five could not go unnoticed.
She must not doubt. 
She must go on,
line at a time, 
because that is who she is.

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