Say cheese!

"Say cheese!" 
Said the photographer,
she smiled and looked straight in the eyes , 
the confidence she wore and the light in her eyes, 
her beautiful hair with a dress like rainbow, 
I stood and stared as it was a show.
-Miserable Ink

A show where she was all she cared about. 
She never was scared to showcase herself, 
I was awestruck and admired her angelic self. 
-Lost in Thoughts_03

And in a beep she started to walk, 
head high with attitude as of a queen.
-Miserable Ink

She stared back at me with mystery in her eyes, 
-Lost in Thought_03

Little was she shy and that cute smile. 
-Miserable Ink

It got me all drooling over her all again, 
I smiled back at her and there she was back on her pace.
-Lost in Thoughts_03

It seemed like the tall , 
straight spined, 
sprinkling queen is back to thy game. 
-Miserable Ink

Hail to the queen, 
my brain wanted to shout.
-Lost in Thoughts_03

This tale was knit by miserableink, lostinthoughts_03 . It describes the experience of a awestruck person who is admiring a beautiful, fearless woman. The person is mesmerised and enchanted by her. All the narrator can do is ask her to ‘say cheese’ as they get lost in the woman’s mystery and her smile.

This tale and the way it was knit is inspiring. It exemplifies what KAT is all about. Each person has taken turns contributing simple phrases to create a truly beautiful tale.

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