An Ode To The Queen That She Is

By: Raj Ratanmala

Dear women,
 When they said, ”Men don’t cry”,
 They were wrong.
When God made women,
 He chose the toughest shell and delicately carved out beauty,
 He sculpted an alluring face with a graceful smile that he knew, 
 Could hide all the affliction beneath her.
Being called impure when bleeding for giving life in future,
 Bearing the torment and still being called ‘weak’.
 And we, we still smile , thinking it would be worth it.
As kids, wearing short skirts were adorable and loved,
 And now, by the length of my clothes, my character is judged.
 I’m labelled by the number of my male friends,
 I’m known by the tittle-tattle stories with unreal ends.
Dear women,
 You take inevitable physical pain,
 You endure the mental breakdowns,
 You get judged, laughed at, gossiped;
 You get restrictions in your own home, from parents to husband,
 You still say that you’re fine,
 Honey, I know you’re trying!
 So, when they say ,”Men don’t cry”
 They’re certainly lying.

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