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Hey Apoorva,

I think due to some technical issue I received your letter. and after reading it I can’t help but reply.I am Rami. I am not a teen but I can really relate to you. I know how it feels when society judges you, teach you and tries to mould you the way they want.I know our society is a male dominant one and no matter whether you are a teen or a grown-up adult you have to face the same things on a daily basis. The way your teacher’s reaction was the same way my colony’s aunties judged me when I reached home late.you shared an incident now I like to share something too.” once I was working late when I was done it was so late that I was not able to get a taxi or ola so one of my colleagues (male) offered me a ride home. and I took it. the next day my mom came to me and asked me for how long I am having an affair with that person.I was shocked so I asked her what the hell are you talking maa. and she told me that the neighbour of mine told her that she has seen me a lot of times with him. and that was the day i decided that I can’t take this rubbish anymore so I confronted them and it felt really nice.but that afternoon my dad told me a really valuable thing.that people are people they don’t have their own life solved so they try to make your life worse too. and they will always think and say a lot of things till when I am gonna take their bullshit and destroy my own peace of mind. just let them say what they have to say.So I wanna say the same things to you.let them say whatever they have to say, you are strong and you will get through this. just don’t let them play with your peace of mind.It was nice to share these wise words of my dad’s with you. I hope you will find the peace you are looking for.do inform me of your condition and I am always here if you ever want someone to talk to. 



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