Fear, the word itself has a weight to it. We as humans are afraid of a lot of things, from a spider to a giant cliff, anything we see can evoke fear within us. 
There is this other fear, one that is not discussed as much. The fear of the demons in our own mind. They can be terrifying, they can break you down, they can have such a hold over us and yet they are not acknowedged. The demons, wherever they may be, can be scary, and it is okay to be afraid of them..

The most scary things can sometimes be our own thoughts, the ‘demons’ in our minds. So this Halloween week, we started thinking that Halloween is a pretty strange holiday, it is terrifying and yet is celebrated by people across the world. So maybe scary things can be celebrated too, these scary things, dont have to hold you back. Even the way Halloween is celebrated, it gives us ways to fight those demons. For example in the crazy costumes we we wear, we face our darkest fears, with an element of humour. 
The fears seem simpler, they seem funny, it gives us the confidence that maybe if we can laugh at our fears, or accept that they are ridikulus we can face them too..
Some fears go beyond that, they haunt you and it’s difficult to face them , deal with them but the first step to eliminate them is to acknowledge them and we invite you to do just that in a way that you are comfortable.

How do you face your fears?

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