It’s okay, to not be okay

Every snowflake is unique. A lot of factors influence how a snowflake ends up. Like the temperature and moisture levels among other things.
In the same way, we as humans are unique from one another. We all are on our own journeys. On these journeys we come across obstacles, things that affect us, situations that change us- for instance the pandemic…
All of this is to say, that we as a collective are facing a really tough and unprecedented time right now. We have all been affected by the things happening in the world, on some level. It has changed our lives in many ways. With all this happening feelings of uncertainty, fear, even loneliness are normal reactions.

We sometimes forget that all of us have tough times. That all of us can have bad days. Sometimes we feel alone. We just don’t feel okay.
This is to tell you, it’s okay to not be okay.
Share your experiences with this phrase in the comments below. By doing so, we might just realise that we are not alone. That others feel the same way that we do.
This is an open letter and you can make any contribution you’d like in the comments below. The responses will be posted on our website and in our newsletter Katalyst as well and some entries will be up on our page through the month. Do tag your friends to help them join in as well.

Let our similarities bring us together more than our differences tear us apart.

A beautiful piece written by the lovely  @the.wordicted A reminder that even if things aren’t going well, even if you’re struggling, even if everything seems messed up and so many other scenarios.. it’s okay. It’s okay, it’s allowed, there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with you if these thoughts cross your mind. It’s okay. It’s okay to not be okay

A piece written by @serwat_writes for our prompt- It’s okay to not be okay.
It reminds us, how in life we have had to fake being okay, even when we are not. How it has become a habit. We hide behind tears and fake smiles, underneath that facade, lies our reality. Only begrudgingly can we admit that it’s okay to not be okay.

Written by @mga_tula_ni_sofia , this piece reminds us of our own humanity. That it is human to make mistakes, it is okay to not be okay. What matters is what happens after that, how the repair is done. That each moment can be a moment to learn, whether good or bad.

These words written by make us wonder. They question our need to appear okay, to not fail, to not fall. It questions why should pain be hidden away if it is a part of the human experience. That being strong and making it seem like everything is fine are all fallacies and sometimes its okay not to be okay..

For more such entries or if you would like to write your own, the post is linked below

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