The Puzzling Mind

The Puzzling Mind!
KAT presents a fun way to learn some interesting new things about the way our minds work. These clues are based on concepts of Psychology. We’ve designed them in such a way to make them interesting and simple, using real life examples.
Even as we were creating this, we noticed that we learnt so much. So you could too!
Think about the clues, see whether the scenarios relate to you. Have you been in similar situations, did it end up the same way?
The main goal here is to bring awareness to what happens in our minds on a day to day basis. Through this puzzle you might learn something new, if it interests you further you could read up on them, you might discover some interesting things!
DM us your answers to the crossword and those of you who get most answers right win a shoutout and a feature in our newsletter!☺️
Tag your friends to challenge them as well and help them learn something new!
The answers will be shared very soon..

How many of these answers did you know already? How would you respond in these circumstances? Do you have similar biases(free hint!)?

For further reading you can look up: Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
PS. You can cheat (in this puzzle 😆)as long as you’re learning!

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