Yes to someone, I am spring,
Winter to another.
I'm the end to someone
and the start to another.
I am happiness to someone and 
the soul to another.
A lullaby to someone and 
at times a noise.
I'll be with you from your birth
to your end.
Hope you remember 
I will always be with you,
wherever you are.
I'll always be here as a 
a support to your life.
So just lean on me and 
rest sometimes.
-Suga (Song Request)

This ramble was taken from the song Song Request by Lee Sora and Suga.
This particular verse struck a chord with us as it beautifully talks about how music can mean different things to different people and different points in ones life, it can make one experience different emotions, guide them, help them heal or provide a shoulder to lean on for comfort.
In our lives we all have that one thing be it music, writing, art, dance, loved ones or our own selves with whom we find comfort and who help us grow.
In these difficult times having something or someone to lean on makes things a little bit easier. We all need help sometimes, and that’s okay.

We’re also extremely glad to announce that everything on the page this week will be centred around promoting mental health and highlighting the work being done in this field, on account of 10th October being world mental health day.
KAT is run by mental health professionals and we wanted to take this time to highlight some important aspects of mental health and how it is an important part of health itself. This ramble is the perfect way to set things in motion.

So in the spirit of celebrating wellness this week let’s try to keep that one thing which keeps us going, close to our hearts. Let’s say thank you to the ones that have been there, and if possible, try to be there for them too. Even if you’ve drifted apart or are no longer around that special ‘thing’, you could reconnect, reminisce and rekindle your bond..
Let us know in the comments what has helped you when things got rough. What comforts you? What guides you?

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